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Haybusters is a dynamic and growing Alfalfa Hay, Straw, and Tarp distributor.


High-Quality Livestock Feed

When you run a busy farm, you do not need to spend a lot of time sourcing the right feed for your livestock.

Trust the quality and service offered by the team at Haybusters. We feature a range of Alfalfa, Grass, Alfalfa/Grass and straw as well as pet food that provides your animals with the proper nourishment that supports healthy growth.

We primarily cater to beef, dairy, and horse farms from the east coast (NY, PA, NC, FL), south to Texas, West to Colorado and North in to Canada (AB, SK, MB, ON) with outstanding options that support all your livestock and pet food needs.


Haybusters Offers Small Alfalfa Hay and Straw Bales in North America

In addition to our quality options for dairy, beef, and horse farms, the team at Haybusters also provides a variety of small alfalfa hay and straw for goat, deer, and sheep operations, with small square bales and more for all your livestock needs. We also offer outstanding protection when it comes to feed storage with hay tarps for sale in a range of sizes, including custom fits to cater to your specific needs. Our pet food options provide you with packaged timothy, alfalfa, and more. To find out more about our products, call us today at (800) 371-7928.

From Field to Farm

Haybusters understands that you, the producer, know best how to raise your animals. You want to ensure they’re growing on quality feed, maturing healthily for their own benefit and that of your dairy or meat operation. We’ll do our part by sourcing and producing superior alfalfa for dairy, beef, and horse farms, as well as the goat, sheep, and deer markets we’re introducing ourselves to. Additionally, our bales of wheat, oat, and barley straw are available year-round, and our tarps will protect the product no matter the specifications.

We’re proud to bring our field to your farm – to serve the livestock needs of North America.

Livestock Feed

Backed by excellence in customer service, Haybusters is proud to supply the very best in livestock feed and tarpaulin products to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Alfalfa Hay


Haybusters alfalfa is baled to serve a variety of markets, most notably dairy, beef, and horse.



Haybusters sources and produces quality bales of wheat, oats, and barley straw.



Haybusters tarps come in numerous sizes, and custom fits can be manufactured to specification and shipped within a week of ordering.

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